It’s absolutely astonishing how fast time goes and we are already into the second quarter of the year.

The school holidays are upon us and immature like many you enjoyed some chocolate over the Easter period.

One thing I made clear on my instagram stories was memes and reels about how doing X amount of burpees or running X distance runs off an Easter Egg.

My head absolutely spins when I hear this. It infuriates me actually.

You don’t need to “earn” chocolate or foods you enjoy. You certainly don’t need to try and “burn” calories to eat food.

Exercise itself should not be used to burn calories. I talked about this on my live presentation “Understanding Calories” this is where i debunked a lot of myths about exercise and “calorie burn”

Most importantly I talked about how exercise should not be to try and outtrain a bad diet, or to try and burn as many calories as possible.

In the talk I actually explained how going to the gym specifically to hammer yourself is actually potentially counterproductive to fat loss.

For me and our message here at KCPT, exercise should be about the following things…

To improve your physical health by becoming fitter and stronger, dropping body fat and building muscle.

To improve your mental health by experiencing challenges and growth through challenges.

To build resilience and confidence by turning up for yourself every day and doing the things you said you were going to do long after you said.

For the community, to be around inspiring and like minded individuals.

If you see coming to a gym or joining a gym community as the above the chances are you will make it part of your life and something you enjoy doing.

You’ll also hopefully see yourself progressing at the above metrics. 

Life’s for living and having a couple of Easter eggs over Easter weekend isn’t the end of the world. Just don’t do it every weeknd and get back to your normal routine as quickly as you can.

P.S if you would like a copy of our recording for our presentation around “Understanding Calories”, then please drop me an email and I will forward you on our recording absolutely free!