I hope you all had a great break through Easter, the school holidays mean that we can all fall out of our normal routine. Training becomes difficult to manage due to child care, kids need to be kept busy and looked after, more socialising, later nights and generally routine gone to pot.

Just like Christmas time, summer and October holidays we all have times in the year where we need to have a mental and emotional break,

We absolutely recommend having a break and resetting. 

The most important thing is to get back into a normal routine as quickly as you can. We here at KCPT call it “Breaking The Cycle”. This usually surrounds nights out, holidays and weekends away.

Your routine should involve (hopefully) going to end and getting up at the same time each day and night. Eating good quality food including lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins, drinking lots of water, getting sunlight, exercising for 30 minutes each day, going to the gym 2-3x per week.

By doing the above on a regular basis you will 100% feel better. You will notice your health improving and you will start to feel better in yourself.

After a period of time (Easter or any break) you’ll probably notice yourself maybe not feeling your ebay, lack of sleep, change of diet and leeds activity will make you feel like this.

But “Breaking The Cycle” as early as possible and getting back to normality one step at a time is absolutely recommended for the post Easter push toward summer.

P.S if you want to join our Summer Shred III then drop me a DM, we start on the 4th of May, but don’t wait until then, drop me a message now and get prepared ready to hit the ground running come the start date.