This is the third version of our Summer Shred and we can’t wait for all our members to hopefully achieve rules they never thought possible.

We have really enjoyed putting these challenges on and hot off the heels of the Fat Loss Challenge in January, we have put together another comprehensive version of our challenge.

We have listened to feedback and learned from what we feel works and what does not work to really improve our service so that our clients can get the best service, system and support needed to achieve the best results possible.

On our private members Facebook page we are preparing all our members for the challenge.

One aspect we are focussing on is not going from 0-100 with far too much change in 1 go and then everything becomes overwhelming and unsustainable and then back to 0 again.

This is so common and I’m sure you can relate to wanting to lose weight but wanting to lose it yesterday, doing all and everything in hot pursuit of the quickest results possible.

Whilst that’s all well and good, I do believe that if you want to change 5,10,20+ years of loving life a certain way that in order to make changes they need to be layered. Layered in a manner that fits in with your new philosophy but also your lifestyle because if it doesn’t then you’ll probably not be able to stick to it.

That’s ok! 

You need to find a plan and structure that is right for you, and after doing multiple challenges over many years helping 100s of people we find that the best method for long term sustainability is to look at simple areas that can be improved and then improve them.

99% of people need to drop their average calories SLIGHTLY and increase their weekly activity SLIGHTLY and that’s It! 

There’s no secret formula, magic pill or needle or fad diet, just small changes.

The problem that people have is being accountable and sustained for their changes.

This is where we can help you establish a long term goal (not a scale number) but a reason for doing things.

For example….

Goal – “drop a dress or jean size” change to “I want to feel confident and comfortable wearing a dress/jeans”.

This means the overall feeling is not simply about the result but the emotional attachment to how you feel when you get the results.

This makes sticking to something much more lilley and you will more likely be accountable to the goal.

I hope this has hit home with you and helped you.


P.S if you want to join our Summer Shred III then drop me a DM, we start on the 4th of May, but don’t wait until then, drop me a message now and get prepared ready to hit the ground running come the start date.